Our rates for professional genealogy research range from $85 to $150 (USD) per hour.  We are proud to offer a finished product that brings life to the histories of our Families.  We do this with integrity, detail and precision, after all, these or the generations that made you...you.

Value, Expectations & Services


To provide maximum value to our clients, our rates depend on the type of work you need done.  A simple record lockup will be less expensive than deep, in depth analysis with travel and interdisciplinary consultations.

Our research  projects are usually completed between six and ten weeks  after payment is made.  However, it is not unusual for cases to take a little longer.  Commissioned Writing Projects can take as long as one year. We make every effort to complete your research as quickly as possible but sometimes research may take longer when records from different archives need to be ordered or deeper research is required.  Remember, like you, your ancestors lived, full, and complete lives.  Sometimes it takes time to bring that person back to life.

We can also perform nearly any genealogy related service and  look forward to working with you and meet your needs.  But your needs are really the voices of your ancestors.  When they are heard you  understand yourself and your family traditions more completely.  Our research is done with precision and detail.  Once documents are discovered they will be fully sourced with only the most reputable records, and a focus on primary, original documents of unquestioned integrity.


Research Rates

 Professional Genealogist Fees

Your Family Story is Our Specialty


Pedigree Charts are fantastic resources, but they tell little about what your ancestors were really like.  What were their day-to-day lives like?  What was the community, the area, the situation that they lived in?  What colorful facts or historical events did they live through?  What did they look like?  Answers to these questions, and more, can often be found through in-depth research.

While we can do basic genealogy research leading to a basic Pedigree Chart, we can also do more. Mixing basic Genealogy Pedigree Charts with in-depth background research we can write the story of your family or individual ancestor.  In short, our projects are customizable.


Again, basic rates start at $100 (USD) per hour but a retainer will be required before project work is started.

  • $480.00:     4    Hours Research (1/2 Day)   ORDER HERE
  • $800.00:     8    Hours Research (Full Day)  ORDER HERE  
  • File Aquisitions & Searches:  16 Hours:  ORDER HERE
  • $3400.00 to $8000:   40 Hours Research (Full Week)  ORDER HERE  (discounts increase as hours increase)
  • $4125.00:   Commissioned Writing (Retainer based on 55 hours of work- research extra)  ORDER HERE

File Aquisition in Estate Research

Basic rates start at $40 (USD) per hour but a retainer will be required before project work is started.

  • $320.00:                 8   Hours Research  (Retainer)
  • Other Expenses:    These include, but are not limited to, travel expenses, document fees and research time, etc.